The best way to die ever

Jill Y and I finally had the conversation. Some might say it was long overdue but like synthetic fiber, I prefer to let things happen organically. She thinks the best way to die is to be crushed by a giant Jimmy Choo shoe while trying on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in a shoe shop, wearing a t-shirt with ‘I Heart Jimmy Choo’ on it. That doesn’t do it for me at all but this does:


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10 thoughts on “The best way to die ever”

  1. I expect to see Morgan Freeman when I get to heaven. After all, he IS God, isn’t he? And I would love to have Clint play the music for my funeral!

  2. Bill – that’s awesome, but I would respectively request a tip of the mafia fedora to the Godfather franchise and would like Mr. Eastwood to “…take the gun, leave the cannoli…” for me to eat while I lay bleeding to death – if that’s ok?

    1. Respectfully requesting things is always the best way of requesting things. I don’t usually do requests but this is special. Leave it with me and we’ll see what I can do!

  3. Might I just say that I am with Jill Y on this. If I could die in the presence of Jimmy Choo, life would be complete. I just don’t get that feeling with either Mr. Eastwood or Mr. Freeman.

    1. How about a compromise where you log on to buy a pair of Choos and are greeted by a pic of Mr. Eastwood, telling you that you’re about to kick the bucket, spoken of course, in the voice of Mr. Freeman?

      1. I guess I could live or rather die with that compromise, but can you throw in Johnny Depp somewhere? It might make the whole death thing a little easier on me.

          1. No, but if you were to add Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom AND Kevin Costner to Mr. Eastwood and Mr. Freeman, I think I would die happy.

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