Bill Y 1 – Non-updated Flashlight 0

I was minding my business, basking in my breathtaking brilliance while trying to figure out why the flashlight app needs to update. It’s a flashlight that has but one single purpose and that purpose is to flash light. Why was it asking for my permission to update? I began to lose patience and started talking to the app. The ignorant little application wouldn’t even answer me back. I wasn’t prepared to continue such a one-sided conversation so I deleted it from my cell-phone. Bill Y 1 – Non-updated Flashlight 0. I then decided that I wasn’t going to learn Spanish. The textbook had a picture of a kid who called a girl on a cell-phone. The girl answered on her cell-phone and the guy asked for her number! The massively confusing thing about this is that he already had her number or he wouldn’t have been able to call her in the first place:


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6 thoughts on “Bill Y 1 – Non-updated Flashlight 0”

  1. My wife has that flashlight app. Of course, she’s one of those tech-savvy people who could update everything with her eyes closed, so there’s some irony there.

  2. Why would a kid call a girl and ask for her phone number?

    1. It’s his brother’s cell phone and the girl’s number is on speed dial.

    2. He punched in a random phone number as a prank, then couldn’t remember what he dialed.

    3. He punched in a wrong number, then decided to take advantage of the situation, in case the girl turned out to be hot.

    4. He’s stupid.

    5. Almost all of the above.

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