FOX Think Bears are Crying Wolf

You have Percocet or benzodiazapines handy? Yes? Then read on. According to Fox News, it’s a myth that polar bears are threatened by global warming since the polar bear is actually “thriving.” THRIVING.

Fox Snooze broadcast a segment where Rob Rivett, President of the “Pacific Legal Foundation”, boldy claimed polar bears’ only ‘threatened’ status is that they – the bears –  are a ‘threat’” to the fossil fuel industry:

In essence through computer modelling, the federal government determined that this species would be losing its sea ice habitat and because of the loss of sea ice habitat, they felt it was necessary to put them on the threatened list.


He went on to claim that the bear’s status “is a real problem” because the fossil fuel industry will suffer.

[If] you’re going to to make that more expensive of through regulation, all the rest of us are going to be impacted by that and jobs are going to lost because of that.

Go on, guess what kind of American funds the “Pacific Legal Foundation.”

The polar bear – on its own –  is not a particularly good reason to stop fucking over the environment. After all, they are an apex predator and therefore relatively small in numbers. But the apex predators are a good indicator of the health of an entire ecosystem. You can’t support a peak without a mountain under it.

Then again, the fossil fuel industry is the real apex predator, and they’re doing fine.

Let’s help the polar bears REALLY thrive. Drop the entire Fox Sbooze News cast at the Artic and ring the dinner bell.

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