If you want to find the woman of your dreams, look after your friends.

If I could only get the time machine to work, we wouldn’t have to have worry about those god awful Star Wars prequels. When I first asked Jill Y out on a date, she didn’t exactly say yes but after the CV, interviews with her friends and references from ex-girlfriends, she eventually said no again. I tried again and again until she pitied me and the rest as they say, is testament that you should never give up on your dream. What sealed the deal wasn’t my obsession with how magnets work although it did help my cause. What won her over was the way I put best friend, Thirsty Dave’s welfare above my own. I told her that the thirsty one didn’t have any kids or nephews or nieces and that he’s really a big kid himself and that’s why, when he does come out of the bar, I sometimes let him play happy families:


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6 thoughts on “If you want to find the woman of your dreams, look after your friends.”

  1. So that’s the famous Thirsty Dave!

    Okay. Why does he have his hand over his crotch?

    1. Eh, that mightn’t actually be the real Thirsty Dave! He takes many forms but always holds his hand over his crotch for some reason! Not sure why.

  2. Call me strange but I bet these kids are well behaved! Although if I were going to “make” kids in the non-biblical but manufacturing sort of way, I wouldn’t give one curly hair. Just me!

    1. The word on the street is that they never speak out of turn but then again, they never speak!

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