There’s wrong, very wrong and Venus/Mars wrong.

If I catch any of you laughing at this, I’ll find out when your next dentist appointment is and bribe the dentist to pull out your teeth. This is no laughing matter. This is serious stuff. Today we’re going to talk about perception and more importantly, perception of your own self. I like to think I know a thing or two about magnets. I’m not saying I know how they work but I do know that when two magnets like each other, they attract. If, after dating each other for some time, they don’t accidentally hear the so-called music of Bon Jovi, they might hold hands and declare to the world that they have become a couple. This is all good until it becomes bad. Invariably, one party will become the dominant magnet in the relationship and begin calling the shots. 786% of the time, this will be the role of the woman magnet who will insist that a vast amount of shoes are bought for her or else no one-on-one loving, magnet stuff will happen. Although this is life, every now again the male magnet will become the dominant part of the relationship or so he may foolishly think:


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5 thoughts on “There’s wrong, very wrong and Venus/Mars wrong.”

  1. “ex gfs” suggests more than one of them are texting this fine gentleman.

    So, I mean, hypothetically, what you’re saying is this guy is single now? 😉

    1. Let us hope, for the sake of any possible future “gfs,” that he elects to remain single.

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