Truth be told

I was talking to Jill Y about something which had no right to be spoken about when I told her that in a blind taste test, hungry people chose a hot breakfast over cold cereal 90% of the time. She laughed at me and told me that it just wasn’t true. I told her that she was wrong and that my statement was in fact, factual. Again she called me a liar and told me that there was no truth at all in my words. I looked at the her and told her that I wasn’t lying and that the words I had uttered were very much gospel. She then produced something that shut me up and put me back in my box:


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9 thoughts on “Truth be told”

  1. It’s now good form to make factual-sounding statements that are, in fact, not factual. Our politicians have admitted to this and it is so we can hire more fact-checkers and thereby decrease unemployment. Everybody wins — especially Madison Avenue!

  2. 90% of my friends love starting their day with a microwaved-molten-lava-burn-your-gallbladder-beyond-recognition Hot Pocket.

    1. 90 percent of my friends like chocolate, but only about 60 percent of them like coffee.

      That means that about half of my friends would love to have me serve them coffee laced with chocolate.

      I will try that as an experiment sometime, and let you all know how it turns out.

  3. I suspected something was suspicious when they suggested blind-folded people couldn’t distinguish between a cold and hot breakfast.

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