Eating for Fun

Now that the holiday season is here, it is a good time to think about food, especially the sizes it comes in. Some advertising person somewhere thought up the term “fun size” for those little candy bars that an experienced eater can demolish in one bite. If I were a neurologist, I would make it a point to try to study that person’s brain, because you have to eat three of those teeny things to get as much fun as you get eating just one regular-sized bar. Calling something that wouldn’t feed an ant “fun size” is deceptive, if you ask me.

Not Fun Size
Not Fun Size
“Fun size” bars are good for skinny people who eat like fussy cats. For those of us who like to eat, they function best as Halloween candy or donations to the office candy bowl. For ourselves, we are more likely to buy one of these and eat it when nobody is looking:

Now THIS is a fun-sized piece of chocolate!
Now THIS is a fun-sized piece of chocolate!
Speaking of holiday food, I seem to be one of the few people on earth who actually likes fruitcake. Of course, it has to be good fruitcake, not the stuff the local supermarket sells.

Nobody believes me when I say there is good fruitcake in the world. They hear the word “fruitcake” and a look like this comes over their faces:

Teenage Girl Making a FaceWell, I have tasted good fruitcake and it does exist. The Trappist monks make a rocking fruitcake using real Kentucky Bourbon whiskey. I don’t know how much Bourbon they put in it, but that stuff is good.

Happy Young WomanI have fond memories of my mother’s sugar cookies, too. She would no sooner get them out of the oven than all three of us kids would be eager to grab and gobble. No other Christmas cookies have ever tasted as good.

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    1. Well, it isn’t the customers who are having the fun! Maybe it’s the manufacturers, because they don’t have to use up so much chocolate, so much gooey and crackly stuff and so many nuts.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to become a Trappist monk as much as I do right now!

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