Friday Humor Devotional

“I miss you so much Grandpa Bernie”

Dear Lord, if my husband brings me one more bouquet of flowers I’m going to divorce him! Don’t get me wrong I love the sentiment; however, they would be much more flattering if he didn’t work at a cemetery, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. I’m not one to cause a domestic but if Jill Y even called me Grandpa Bernie once, she would be taking those imaginary kids and staying with her mother for an extended period of time and by extended, I mean until the bar closes!

    1. Sadly Bill, my husband stole them from Grandpa Bernie’s resting place then went to the pub before giving them to me. How did I know this, I was at the pub too, lol!

    1. Could be worse Mark, he could neuter bulls and bring home mountain oysters . . .

    1. Larry it’s all about the love and death till you part stuff. He just took the death part literally! 😉

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