Lay’s Lutefisk and Liver Potato Chips

Lay’s Lutefisk and Liver Potato Chips

I will become a millionaire. I have entered the most scathingly brilliant flavor idea for Lay’s potato chip contest – lutefisk and liver. How could it lose? It can’t. Everybody loves lutefisk. Only the people who can taste, smell, or see don’t. And liver well … is incredibly healthy for you. Don’t forget the Vikings ate lutefisk and nearly conquered the world. Eat lutefisk and liver potato chips, for the healthy Viking in all of us.

Notice even Lay’s says, “Lutefisk and Liver? That does sound yummy as a chip!”


– Chef Paul



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2 thoughts on “Lay’s Lutefisk and Liver Potato Chips”

  1. I have never tasted lutefisk, but if it tastes as bad as liver, I think I’ll pass on these. Thanks, anyway.

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