Friday Humor Devotional

disabled_parking1Dear Lord, please forgive my impulsive behavior. I let the air out of a jerk’s new BMW tires for taking up two disabled parking spaces at the supermarket.  I also discovered that an entire pack of rectal suppositories fit perfectly in the tailpipe of a BMW, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Bill Y, parking in Philly taught me one thing. Don’t upset the “Disabled Parking” folks. Their vengeance is renown! 😉

    2. Bill Y, if there’s one thing I learned in Philly is not to upset the “Disabled Parking” folks. Their vengeance is renown!! 😉

    1. Maybe Bill S but I didn’t see a “Blind Driver Tag” on his rear view mirror. Come to think of it I’d NEVER want to see that tag on someone’s car, LOL!

    1. YEP Donna! I would never do that to my new baby for fear someone would write a nasty FHD about ME, lol!!

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