Friday Humor Devotional

"Hey wait a second, weren't you here a few minutes ago!?"
“Hey wait a second, weren’t you here a few minutes ago!?”

Dear Lord, forgive me for my gluttony.  Is it a sin to take communion twenty-eight times in a row on a Saturday because I’ve run out of wine and the liquor stores are closed for the weekend, Amen?




Deb Martin-Webster is the author of western romance series, Love, Montana and Always, Montana published by  HO Press and Shorehouse Books.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. That depends:

    Catholics: Yes. It is a sin, although some of us have thought of it. That’s what Confession is for.
    Baptists: You drink WINE? I’m shocked!
    Episcopalians: Just make sure you leave enough for the rest of us.

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