Friday Humor Devotional

funny-drivers-license-dumb-ugly-derp-cat-picsDear Lord, please forgive my absentmindedness.  I left my triple whipped cream espresso on the kitchen table and my cat decided to help himself to the entire cup.  He caught three mice,  five birds and a Buick before the caffeine buzz wore off, Amen.




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8 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. If Bill Y is not available, I, too, will gladly cat-sit for a free triple whipped cream espresso.

    If you buy me a venti-sized cappuccino, I’ll babysit 2 cats for you.

    1. You got it Kathy! Most people think my cats are crazy but then again look at their owner, lol! 😉

  2. If you need someone to mind the cat, the next time you leave a triple whipped cream espresso on the kitchen table, just say the word.

    1. Thanks Bill Y! I’ll set two out; one for you and one for the kitty! The house would be cleaned from top to bottom with no mice in less than 5-minutes! Weeeeeee!

  3. A Buick? I would’ve guessed your pet would’ve opted for a Catillac—maybe a Catillac Catera. Hard to beat a Catty.

    1. He was too catatonic from the caffeine to catch the Catillac Catera but bugged out enough to bounce on the Buick, Bill S.! 😉

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