Easter Bunny Springs into Action After Parent Pounces with Punches

Easter bunnyAn encounter between the Easter Bunny and a parent turned into a brawl at a New Jersey mall. Security officers and nearby police had to break up the “hare-“raising, fur-flying melee. According to witnesses, the trouble started when the Easter Bunny accidentally let go of a child, who was sitting on his lap, causing the child to slip to the floor. The father of the tumbling toddler took offense and instead of expressing his displeasure with words, he punched the lovable holiday character in his fuzzy face. Initially, the harried hare, ducked behind his cardboard house to avoid further confrontation, but as the saying goes, quick as a bunny, he returned–sans paws– and in their place human hands.  He then proceeded to pummel the parent.

The brawl did ruffle more than a few feathers. Well, to be honest, it ruffled no feathers as no ducks or birds were involved in the altercation. However, the bruised bunny and the frazzled father were both taken to the hospital with minor injuries. So far, no charges against the hopping-mad hare or human have been filed. While the news reports tried to cover the entire story, there were some questions left unanswered:

  • Where did the Easter Bunny get human hands? What happened to his paws?
  • Does punching out the Easter Bunny put you on Santa’s naughty list? And if so, for how long?
  • How much therapy will the tumbling toddler require after she realizes she will never receive another jelly bean again as long as she lives?
  • How come the police took the bunny to a regular hospital and not to the veterinary hospital?

And finally,

  • If the Easter Bunny is arrested, will Cadbury pay his bail?




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11 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Springs into Action After Parent Pounces with Punches”

  1. Not only would Cadbury pay his bail, they would fund a reality TV show about it and run chocolate commercials all day!

  2. Don’t mess with the Easter Bunny. The way he gets from mall to mall, he obviously can teleport or time travel. Do you want to tick off a huge mutated bunny with powers that Superman can only dream of? I think not. And don’t you think the humorless rabbit, hare dee hare, hare, so what I did there? Oh dear, I’m like a deer in the headlights. Oh yes, the humongo rabbit is already cranky cuz we never thank him for all those Easter eggs. Actually, Easter eggs come from Mrs. Easter Bunny, who is a harridan, see what I did there? because of all those chicken hormones injected by an unfeeling Easter egg industry. Just say thank you to giant bunnies and walk away slowly. Now, I’ve scared myself. I need a root beer.

  3. Whoa, that’s crazy Donna, I hop no bunny got hurt! Yo’represent Bill Spencer!;)

    1. I humbly bow to your pun mastery, Deb. “I hop no bunny got hurt” deserves a gold medal.

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