Friday Humor Devotional

toe socksDear Lord, please forgive me for my thoughtless behavior and poor judgment at our 5-year-old daughter’s birthday party.  She’d started opening her gifts when my mother-law offered this sarcastic announcement, “Okay kids, before little Sally opens her presents, lets play, “Pin the Tail on the Ungrateful Cheap Butthead Who Bought Her Toe Socks Instead Of Taking Her To Disney World game.” To which I swiftly replied, “And, after that kiddies, we can play the, “Which One Is Older Grandmom or Dirt and  How Many Face Lifts Has She Had game!” Amen.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Yep Mark and possibly rolled into a ball and stuffed in a dark drawer! Not the socks, the mother-in-law. 😉

    1. The only thing that could have made this party better Bill Y is if they played Hide and Seek with Bon Jovi and they were never found.

  1. Well, Grandmom started it! And those toe socks are cute. When the family goes to Disney World for the next child’s birthday because the parents now feel really guilty, the 5 year old can show those cute socks to Mickey and Snow White. 😉

    1. Yes Kathy! And maybe if they’re lucky mother-in-law might “accidentally” fall off Jungle Adventure ride and meet Mister and Misses Alligator! That game could be called, Leg,Leg who Ate the Leg? ?

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