Wait, don’t tell me:

We runners love to talk about running, even to non-runners but here are a few things we don’t need to hear (just saying).

  • Running is bad for your knees.
    • (Scientifically, no basis. In fact, the only people who say this are people who don’t run).
  • It was raining, did you skip your run today?
    • (Nope, got exercise and a shower at the same time).
  • Running shoes are very expensive.
    • (Sure, but they beat running barefoot. You don’t really think that would stop me from running do you?)
  • Did you win the race?
    • (You never hear a runner ask another runner this question. The best answer “Yes, I beat everyone else that was sitting on the couch).
  • You don’t look like a runner.
    • (Obviously, you’ve never been a spectator at a race. Five to a hundred and five years old, 110 to 250 pounds, we’re all ages, all sizes. Feel free to join us).
  • Running is hard.
    • (Yep, no pain, no gain as the old saying goes but it sure beats sitting on the couch).
  • Don’t you get bored?
    • (You’ve got to be kidding. Whether it’s running in a group, on a scenic trail in the park or listening to a podcast, no way. Now, running on a treadmill, yeah, for sure).
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