Put a Mask On It!


Wearing a mask is not out of hand.

It’s a recommendation, not a demand.

So be thoughtful of others, cover your face.

Let’s stop spreading COVID all over the place.


Your freedoms are not being taken away.

Stop all your whining, there’s nothing to say.

It’s not all about you. Why can’t you see?

Be altruistic, it’s for he, she and we.


It’s not dark web conspiracy or a liberal plot.

Social distancing and masks are all that we’ve got.

Responsibility for the spread we all should be sharing.

Stop your ranting and raving. We’re over you, Karen.


It’s not alarmists controlled by the news.

We’re learning from experts who are sharing their views.

The guidelines are simple, not hard to follow.

The pity party’s over, no more time to wallow.


Every day cases continue to rise.

The facts are evident, right in front of your eyes.

Don’t deny the numbers, you sound like a fool.

Like Betsy DeVos and her reopening schools.


You drag out your rifles, raise a loud battle cry.

Don’t care your actions could make someone to die?

No spitting or coughing in someone’s face.

It’s six feet of distance, stay out of their space.


You listen to dogma from the crazy, orange louse.

Aren’t you tired of lies spewed from the White House?

Try to think independent and listen to reason.

Help tamp down the virus before it’s flu season.


Try using your heart not the air in your head.

Be part of the prevention before millions are dead.

It’s simple to do, not an impossible task.

Just act like a human, put on the damn mask!






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