Bill Spencer – Author of Uranus Is Always Funny: Short Essays to Make You Laugh

We are so proud  to have author Bill Spencer and his book Uranus is Always Funny: Short Essays to Make You Laugh as part of our HumorOutcasts Press family.   If the past two years has taught us anything, it is that we are all in dire need of serious laughter. This book delivers and is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.  Check out Bill’s  work on HumorOutcasts as well.

Book Description:   

The 65 humor essays in Uranus Is Always Funny: Short Essays to Make You Laugh will make you laugh. But they’ll also make you think. They’ll make you think, “This is funny. You’ll laugh not with Bill Spencer but at him as he grapples with his own identity in the face of students’ view of him as “THE DEVIL” and a “COMPLETE jerk.” You’ll meet his relatives, including his adventurous wife, who might be an alien or a witch, who knows? You’ll get an offbeat education in education and share in a gamut of experiences from spanking skunks to fleeing from attack geese to watching outhouse races on skis.

Really. The essays are short, and there are also 26 even shorter Reader’s Digest-type anecdotes. As another bonus, the book ends with scores of student bloopers collected by the author over thirty years. Need a good laugh? Then take a gander at Uranus.

“When Bill told me he was putting together a ‘humor’ book, I laughed out loud.”—Carolyn Elkins, author of Angel Pays a Visit

“I’m WAY funnier than this guy.”—Debra A. Daniel, author of Woman Commits Suicide in Dishwasher

“I’ve read literally thousands of humor essays, and I don’t often use descriptions like ‘hilarious,’ ‘brilliantly comic,’ or ‘makes you laugh until your face hurts,’ and I’m certainly not going to start now.”—Sandee Beyerle, Editor of Funny Times

Author Bio:

Bill Spencer’s humor writing has been published by numerous outlets including Funny Times, Narrative Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Sun, and Bill has also published scholarly articles on the novels of Cormac McCarthy, has written more than 140 comic skits performed at the Wildacres Writers Workshop, and has co-authored an un-produced screenplay entitled “Angel Pays a Visit.”

Bill taught English for thirty-one years, twenty-five of them at Delta State University and six at Western Carolina University. He lives in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife, artist-poet Carolyn Elkins.

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  1. I also have this book. Bill’s authority on the subject is nothing short of outstanding. If you haven’t get your hands on Uranus yet, do it now.

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