Cousin Eliezer the Inventor

Nobody knows this, but my sixth cousin five times removed, Eliezer McDonald, invented the recliner chair back in 1830. Eliezer patented his first model in 1830, but he wasn’t very successful with it. It was merely an armchair that you turned into a recliner by lowering the back of the chair … Continue reading

Surgery and Naughty Furniture

Surgery has never been as much fun. I had cataract surgery on my right eye a few days ago. They didn't put me in a bed to prep for it; they put me in a recliner. On the other side of some curtains there was another woman patient on another recliner. This was a fancy-ass hospital connected to a … Continue reading

Yard Sale: The Price is Not Right

Each year on my daughter's birthday, which is today, I post one of my earlier columns from when she was young.  This one ran in First Magazine. Happy Birthday, Coleen Noel. Recently, I got into one of my frenzied cleaning moods.  Usually, when this happens, I find relief in a bottle of … Continue reading