Bully for Budleigh!

Like humans, canines have been known to bully their own species, although they rarely steal lunch money and never send harassing texts due to the absence of thumbs. Dog bullying can take many forms: overly aggressive play, merciless chasing, inappropriate growling, dunning phone calls, late … Continue reading

Ask Dr. Snee: Samson Agontestes

Dear Dr. Snee, Why is it that at the slightest touch, like when I bump them into a shopping cart, does it hurt my balls excruciatingly, but when I’m pounding away during sex, they’re slapping against her and everything feels fine? Do my balls have superpowers? -- Micah C. The … Continue reading

Can the Navy Seals Train my Dog?

In reading the news, I came upon the hundredth or so article about the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.  One of the most interesting reports in the trove of information focused on the dog that was part of the raid. Apparently, this dog, which is either a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepherd, was … Continue reading