Three Steps off the Porch into Hell

A few weeks ago while I was sitting on my porch I started pondering the content of the GOP debates on the local and national news stations. These debates have helped me to form a theory on politics. If you elect a black person into the White House and bestow upon him the title of President of the United States of America the entire country well mainly the republicans and just a very small minority of democrats contract selective amnesia. Although I’m still waiting for the alien attacks to begin because in every disaster movie where some creepy, extraterrestrial decides it’s a good time to take over our body’s or an asteroid is about to hit the planet . . . there is a black president at the helm. But let me get back to my theory.

Step one, since being elected our now seated President has been blamed for the down turn in the job market, the economical collapse of our nation, our triple A rating plummeting to a double A+ rating, rising fuel, food, gas, electricity and all the other commodities that are ever so  slowly going upwards.

Step two, when everyone’s collective memories return maybe just maybe the people who actually vote will come to realize that the previous administration are the people who are in fact responsible for the mess that the country is now in.

Step three, In England the Bush-Clinton-Bush administrations are referred to as sex between the bushes, okay so Clinton was caught with his political pants down with one female intern; unlike George W who screwed the entire country . . . without a condom I might add.

In closing let me remind everyone of the latest news.   Another heinous Al-Qaeda leader has been removed from the worldwide terrorist list under his administration. Not bad, Mister President, not bad at all!

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4 thoughts on “Three Steps off the Porch into Hell”

    1. Donna, thank you yet again I am trying to aspire to the level that this site requires and haveing a brilant iditor helps. 🙂

  1. You can’t fix stupid with people who live in a fantasy world in the first place. Denial is a conservative’s best friend.

    Nice post.

    1. LB, how true your comment is, in fact this article started off as seventeen steps then I had a rethink and cut it down to three steps. Had I thought of what you said I need not have written this at all. Thank you Sir. 😀

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