Congrats to, But, Donna Cavanagh, Stop Annoying Me

Happy First Year Birthday/Anniversary to, the germ of an idea springing forth from the slightly warped, excuse me, creative mind of Donna Cavanagh.  Donna’s enthusiasm is so contagious it’s aggravating sometimes.  I think it’s her goal in life to make me feel lazy.  While I’m sitting at my keyboard struggling to put the words together that might brighten someone’s day with a little tee-hee, Donna’s out there spewing forth hilarious comments like a geyser in Yellowstone. is a great forum for humor.  Now, I ask you, where else can a reader find such diverse topics as brain-exploding orgasms and Red Hot Chili Pepper songs?   That means I can write about anything from my crazy old Aunt Lottie to my anger over easy-to-open containers.  I ask you, how refreshing is that?  Now, if I could just get Donna to quit making me feel like I’m dragging my feet.

I first started reading Donna’s inspirational poetry, which is a good way to hide a slightly deranged mind.  What I found out later, though, is that she’s not perfect after all.  Rumor has it that she has a secret shopping vice, almost an addiction, which she keeps hidden.  In fact, I think some stores have her face on a poster in their stock room reminding them that she’ll buy anything, so sell, sell, sell.  Of course, that’s just what I heard, and it’s not my way to spread gossip.

In a year’s time has given humor writers a place to call home, and we are grateful to her and Betsy for their hard work. In spite of the fact that Donna’s energy drives me up my office wall, I guess I can let that slide.  It’s good to have people like Donna in my life. Otherwise, my darts would just punch holes in my wall.  Keep on trucking,  We love ‘ya!

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7 thoughts on “Congrats to, But, Donna Cavanagh, Stop Annoying Me”

  1. Pattie, when I think about her incredible talent, energy, stamina and dedication, one word comes to mind that describles my dear and wonderful friend . . . ALIEN. Congrats Donna! 🙂

  2. Donna’s certainly a great promoter and tireless force behind this site, but all the other writers have to do is write enough so that it doesn’t look like it is just Donna’s blog site!

    Pattie, you may not be able to keep up with Donna in pace, but you have more than enough humor to compete.

    1. well, I don’t think it looks like it’s my site in the least Mike. There are always a lot of us on the front page and often it’s not me. And it’s not a competitive site – it’s a collaborative site.

  3. Well, apparently, you have issues with me, Ms. Byrd. After all we have been through, who knew? If it makes you feel better, I am not that energetic. I actually cloned myself twice and they do most everything while I nap!

    1. Could I get the name of that scientist? It might be helpful, but I’m not sure the world could stand another couple of me.

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