Friday Humor Devotional

“Tickle” Moonshiner

Dear Lord, please forgive my ignorance. I just saw a commercial on the Discovery Channel for a new series about a redneck moonshiner named Tickle whose claim to fame is sleeping and being drunk throughout the entire show. And here I thought working hard, looking good and staying sober were the secrets to success, silly me, Amen.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Yup, maybe it was Grandpa Walton’s still he stumbled upon? Grandpa was always happy. Or perhaps it was the remedy those two sisters used to drink. 😉

  1. That Discovery Channel should film a day in the life of Thirty Dave or I could just send them a tape but it would be as real as reality television gets!

    1. Brilliant idea Bill. Maybe they could team up and call it, “The Drunk and the Clueless.” LOL!

  2. You have to hand it to him. This man has succeeded at things the rest of us can only envy. He has found a career where he doesn’t have to work very hard, he’s doing something he loves and he can at least look happy most of the time.

    1. Seriously Donna, this guy could be one of our neighbors! Wonder if he needs a social media rep, how easy would it be, i.e. “He’s drunk and redneck”, lol!

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