No-speak Scurvy Jane

Drastic times cause for drastic measures. Scurvy Jane has the fever and the fever is not a good thing. When the fever takes over, the words that scream from your mouth, do not make any sense and if you’re not careful, you can end up in prison or surrounded by prison wardens in a lock-up facility. The fever is a very personal thing and only those close to you, can bring you through it, should they have the where with all and balls to do so. The scurvy one began disclosing the co-ordinates of Sugartastic Daddy John’s location when the daddy did not want to be found by the authorities due to nefarious, criminal activities. There was only one way to approach this and the scurvy one will thank us for it in the end:


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6 thoughts on “No-speak Scurvy Jane”

  1. I like the brown spots on her face. It looks like an old, dried-up case of the measles that never quite healed.

  2. I see Scurvy Jane follows the natural look of make up when she is trying not to divulge the whereabouts of your nefarious friends and family. Her mascara is just lovely! I think you need a bigger roll of tape for those choppers!

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