The Ultimate Comfort Food

Tortilla ChipsWe all have our favorite foods that we like to eat when we need to have something soothing traveling through the teeth and down the esophagus.

For those times when we can’t decide which comfort food would best combat whatever bad mood we are in, I offer this recipe.

1. Prepare a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese.Oreo Cookies

2. When the mac and cheese is ready to eat, put it in a big bowl.

3. Take a handful of tortilla chips and spread them over the mac and cheese.

4. Next, take two handfuls of Oreo cookies, break them up and sprinkle them over the mac and cheese and the tortilla chips.

5. Don’t forget the Nutella. That goes on next.

6. Put the bowl into the microwave and nuke the food until it looks like this:

Food Lump

7. Sit in your favorite chair, turn on the TV and stuff your face until you feel better.

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    1. w00t!

      I think a comic cooking show with impossible recipes would be hilarious fun and an instant hit!

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