There is no word wizardry in this at all, at all.

Some ideas are good and some transcend greatness in the way that the hula-hoop did. This idea is not one of those. Jill Y and I had our 67th argument of the day. She was not happy like the shiny people, holding hands. To make matters worse, someone stole her iPod that day so she was less than content with the contents of the world that surrounded her. We’ve always been able to see the funny in unfunny situations but I fail to see the humor in this little piece of word wizardry:


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6 thoughts on “There is no word wizardry in this at all, at all.”

  1. Dear owner of the iPod I stole, I’m returning it to you no questions asked. Bon Jovi, really??! reformed Thief.

    1. Please keep it Deb, you’ll be doing me a big favor! You don’t have to listen to the crap, just don’t return it!

    1. I’m going to make a concerted effort to stop giving people nightmares and it starts here!

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