Great Rogue-Dictatorship Eats – Pyongyang, North Korea


Pyongyang boasts a vibrant dining scene, according to five people who managed to gain diplomatic clearance. The New Diplo restaurant-sexy, sexy name-garnered two positive reviews from Tripadvisors. This powerful affirmation vaulted it above the four contending restaurants obtaining only one review.  The New Diplo proudly serves Korean cuisine to diplomats. Arrive early to hear homesick diplomats perform amazing feats of karaoke.

Mixed reviews abound for the Turtle restaurant with the owners unabashedly proclaiming healthy food, while a hardy reviewer telling us to, “Skip it.” Unfortunately, we have no reviews for the other ten eateries.  Perhaps their cuisines are too exotic. The name of one restaurant, Kumcup, suggests a menu for those possessing an acquired taste.

Unfortunately Pyongyang doesn’t possess rib restaurants to rival Memphis, Austin, and Kansas City or even the pizza parlors of Chicago and New York.

Here is the link theTripadvisors’ link to the Pyongyang dining scene:

Try to get to Pyongang when its fearless leader is not threatening nuclear war. Nothing puts a damper on a meal like obliteration.

– Chef Paul

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  1. I think I’ll just sip the Kumcup and avoid North Korea entirely. Something about weapons of mass destruction just doesn’t say “fun vacation” to me.

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