Sugartastic Daddy John’s Story.

Sugartastic Daddy John was in pensive mood. He didn’t like that there were many tales of Thirsty Dave, Scurvy Jane and Jill Y’s fascination with shoes but very few tales about his bad self. In college, he was voted “most likely to tell nobody that he ever went to college” so he started handing out business cards with “Sugartastic Daddy John – College Attendee”. A fascinating man with a fascination for free things, he was oft seen selling things for money. In his own imagination, he was a contestant on The Voice and won. He loved listening to the end of Leonard Cohen songs, especially the parts where Cohen stopped singing. He knew everything about Jeff Buckley but not the singer Jeff Buckley. Jeff Buckley the non-singer was a drinking associate of Thirsty Dave but this story is about The Daddy so we won’t go there. He had a cat called Jake Gyllenhaal Zappa and she wasn’t feeling too good so he brought her to get some tests done:


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8 thoughts on “Sugartastic Daddy John’s Story.”

  1. Why do you have to have so many assistants just to get some emergency test done? Do they have a LAB-ER union?

  2. I’d rather have a lab report than a CAT scan. Those CAT scans sure do make a mess in the house.

    I’m also wondering why his card only said he was a college attendee. Did he graduate?

    1. I think it’s unanimous for the lab report alright.

      The Daddy handed out those cards before he never graduated!

  3. I’d much rather have the Lab Report for sure. Given how cats tend to be apathetic to humans and self centered, I think the their scan of anyone would be very thorough

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