Making our point as quietly as possible.

Bon Jovi are to music what the Star Wars prequels are to movies. Jill Y and I were recently at a party. We were eating like pigs. In fact we were eating pig when some vegans decided to think they could tell us how we should live our lives. We silently walked away and returned a few moments later, making our point as quietly as possible:


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10 thoughts on “Making our point as quietly as possible.”

    1. ╱╱┏╮

  1. Let us pause for a moment to mourn the passing of about seventeen lovely carrots, that were used to make a Panpipe and two flutes.

    They could not have chosen a better way to go, because music, even fake music, is a High Calling.

  2. When vegans call me a vicious meat eater I call them vegetation assassins . . . but I like your idea better. 😉

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