Our 2015 HO Wrap Up!

HumorOutcasts. jpgEach year, we like to take time to reflect on HO and the wonderful writers and readers who make it what it is. After weeks of going over our statistics and demographics and all that other “google-ese” stuff, we would like to share with you some of our findings. Again, we love all of our writers, but in these categories, these writers made a splash!

Most Likely to Go Viral: Bill Y Ledden.  We don’t know much about our mysterious Irishman, but we do know he is a Star Wars-loving, Bon-Jovi-hating person who scours the internet for photos and turns them into funny gold.

Most Likely to Have Massive Amounts of Groupies: Roz Warren.  Who would have thought that this lawyer turned librarian could be so funny?  Twenty thousand librarians–that’s who. That wild book crowd can’t get enough of Roz and why is not a mystery. Her audience goes beyond the bookshelves and includes women of all ages, men, professionals, non-professionals – just everyone.

Most Likely to Weave a Great Story that makes people laugh out loud:  Tim Jones  and Cathy Sikorski

Newer to HO, Tim stormed onto our site about seven months ago and brought in readers from all over the country. His subtle style bursts into funny and he has captured the hearts of many.

Another lawyer turned writer (this is God’s punishment to me for making so many lawyer jokes), Cathy entertains us about the pitfalls and frustrations of caregiving. I know, caregiving is such a serious and important topic, but Cathy offers humor to people who need it most.  I take back all my lawyer jokes when it comes to this legal lady!

Comments That are Humor Posts Wrapped Into One: Bill Spencer. Not only is Bill Spencer a talented humorist in his own right, but now our readers are coming to see what comments Bill Spencer has to offer. A mix of laugh-out-loud funny and pun mastery, our comments section shines with so much fun interaction. I am forever grateful for the day Professor Spencer found HO.

Most Uplifting Commentary:  Suzette Martinez Standring.  Suzette makes everyone feel good about their work. That’s all we can say. A successful writer, author and speaker, Suzette finds the good in everyone’s work and for that we are appreciative!

Comic Culture?  Our Comic Chef Paul De Lancey and Opera Singer Kathy Mnicozzi.   Need I say more with this duo. You get food and music and a lot of chuckling in between. And if you are interested, Comic Chef Paul De Lancey is running for president on the Bacon and Chocolate Party.

Most Original Topics and Most Intelligent Humor:  Hands down: Con Chapman. Whether he’s writing about the state of Freedonia or cats or offering advice for the lovelorn, Con Chapman’s sense of humor is sneaky. You think this proper Boston lawyer (yep, another lawyer) is being serious and then wham! You laugh out loud.

Writer You Thought Was Sweet and Innocent by her Picture and Then You Find Out She’s a Bit Naughty: Deb Martin-Webster. All I can say is read her Friday Humor Devotional Series and you see the naughty in this Philadelphia-North Carolina woman’s sense of humor. A very popular series, Deb’s humor devotionals attract tons of readers. And she also writes romance novels. See the pattern here?

Most likely to make you RANT out loud:  John Chamberlin. No one rants like John Chamberlin.  John must be the least stressed human on the planet. Why? He gets all out his angst about people by putting it down on paper. he also put it in a book and won an award for that too (Above the Fries). He is a Proud Pittsburgh son and his local following and an ever-growing national audience  support his posts each week.

Most Likely to Get Me Massive Amounts of Hate Mail: Thomas Sullivan, Richard Spall, Eric Hetvile and Stacia Friedman. I don’t know what it is about liberal politics that makes people’s blood boil, but these four know how to turn on the burners.  Do we care? NO. As long as no one draws forbidden cartoons that get too much attention, we are good here.  We are not a politically correct site, so this talented bunch combines information and opinion with amazing humor.  Proud to have them on board.

Writer We Would Love to See Do Stand Up:  Forrest Brakeman  Why?  He is a stand up comic plus he gives us insight into the “exciting” world of Hollywood with his work behind the scenes of movies and TV.

The Cartoonist Who Proves The Bible Does Comedy:  Phillip Dillman.  His “scripture” scribbles keep us giggling and we can only hope the Big Guy upstairs giggles too. Watch out for the lightning strike!

Most Supportive Writer:  Billy Dees  On Twitter, Billy Dees is an HO promotion machine. We are so grateful for his help. We send this talented writer and “ponderer” a great big holiday hug!

We want to say that we love ALL our writers. I only do the statistics thing once a year to pick out a few writers but please know, you all bring such laughter to our lives and we are honored to have all of you on HO. Here is to 2016 and year number five!

PS: To all our lawyers:  Don’t think about suing. I have nothing and I am a corporation which also has nothing.

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21 thoughts on “Our 2015 HO Wrap Up!”

  1. I’m practically a HO virgin (as opposed to all you more experienced HOes). I just joined the community about a month ago and published only 2 pieces so far. But I am SO inspired by all the writers on here and love discovering new voices. I’m already a Roz Warren groupie.

  2. Echoing Keith’s sentiments–this is such a fun and funny group, and I’m honored to have my posts featured on the same site as the folks Donna singled out. Looking forward to more laughs in 2016!

  3. I just want to say that I have been writing for Humor Outcasts for a few years now, and I feel awed and privileged to be among this group of talented and very funny writers. Reading and helping to promote the work of other writers inspires me to continually improve my own writing, just so my work won’t get lost among all the fantastic, beautifully written posts. Being included among the mentioned ones makes me feel humble and proud at the same time. Donna has done, and continues to do, an amazing job.

  4. It’s because of you Donna we have an outlet to be creative! My naughtiness and Devotionals will return in 2016! Happy New Year to you and everyone on HO! Thanks so much for the mention!!

  5. Ooh! Thanks for the mention, Donna!

    I’m so glad that culture is funny. It makes my job easier. 😉

  6. What a nice/wonderful ending to a great year with a great group of people. As a hate mail generator I now feel better about not being able to figure out my avatar pic despite repeated attempts. Happy new year everyone!

  7. The glaring omission here is of course THE MOST LOVED category, won by Donna Cavanagh, whose posts require that readers be alerted to the “just might make you blush” rating—posts, for example, on testicle-eating fish, dildos containing loved ones’ cremains, job “openings” for prostitute reviewers, and the Orgasmia implantable vibrator.

    I have learned so much. Thank you Donna.

  8. So love my HO writers. And I just filed away that lawsuit at your request, Donna. Although Bill Y would be happy to know that BonJovi was a named defendant for obvious reasons! Happy New Year to all!

  9. Great post Don Don’s. How lucky are we to have Bill Spencer on HO? Have a great new year everyone.

  10. That’s a great group! I’ve enjoyed all their work this year, and I’m proud to be on the same site as them!

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