19 thoughts on “Bad Dream Bingo”

  1. Haha!! Too funny. I must say, from an Australian point of view, ‘President Trump’ is a super scary thought. Just can’t imagine him as the leader of the U.S of A. I’m going to have to Google ‘Joyce Carol Oates’.

  2. Hilarious………and a fit scary! My Mom used to love playing bingo. I once went to the Indian Reservation with her….she took 7 cards. I had a hard time following 2! Her cards never looked like this!

  3. My own nightmares tend to run more towards President Hillary Clinton, but President Trump isn’t exactly a wet dream, either. The worst nightmare is both of them getting nominations and having to choose between them.

  4. Wow, Roz — what an impressive nightmare list! The Joyce Carol Oates mention was especially hilarious. I’m wondering if she writes a novel a day, 365 a year — with a one-day break every four years on Leap Day?

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