Friday Humor Devotional

Jenga-Box-and-TowerDear Lord, please forgive my uncontrollable  laughter at our 80-year-old Grandpa Wilbert’s response to my kids’ innocent question.  When they came for a visit, little Kenny asked if he had seen Grandma’ Clara’s Jenga?  He said, “I haven’t seen her Jenga in over forty years and that’s the way I like it!”  Amen.

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11 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Grandma says his tower has less floors since they’ve been married and the elevator stopped working years ago! *rimshot* 😉

    1. Unfortunately Bill Y, when Grandpa played Jenga his always collapsed to Grandma’s dismay. 😉

    1. Sorry Donna, lol but I bet Grandma said to Grandpa, “Do you want to play Jenga or are you just happy to see me.” 😉

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