HumorOutcasts Radio with Parenting Experts…er…Humorists Dorothy Rosby and Tim Jones

This week we had such fun playing Mom vs. Dad on Humoroutcasts Radio. And what better contestants Ididn'tknowyoucouldmakebirthdaycakefromscratchfinalcoverthan Tim Jones author of YOU’RE GROUNDED FOR LIFE: Misguided Parenting Strategies That Sounded Good at the Time and Dorothy Rosby, award-winning humor columnist and author of the newly released (TODAY-HOPress) I Didn’t Know You Could Make Birthday Cake from Scratch: Parenting Blunders from Cradle to Empty Nest.   AND NEXT WEEK, the fun continues, as Dorothy joins us for a second show and we will talk all about her new book, her column and her parenting strategies that will make you laugh!

Some background on our contestants:

Tim JonesTim Jones is a humor writer based near Seattle, WA, whose weekly humor blog, View from the Bleachers, is read by thousands of readers in the USA and beyond. Tim’s articles appear regularly in several online humor websites, as well as various print publications. While at The Ohio State University, Tim earned a law degree and an MBA, neither of which he has put to good use in recent years because he prefers to devote his energies to writing about the idiosyncrasies of life, especially kids, parenting, annoying neighbors and the human condition. Check out Tim Jones’ website, View from the Bleachers and subscribe to his weekly humor column. Follow Tim on Facebook and Twitter 



Dorothy Rosby is a syndicated humor columnist whose work appears in publications in eleven Western and Midwestern states. Her column has been recognized by the South Dakota Newspaper Association, the South Dakota Federation of Press Women, and the National Federation of Press Women. She is also the author of the humor book, I Used to Think I Was Not That Bad and Then I Got to Know Me Better. Visit her website at Follow Dorothy on Facebook and Twitter



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Dorothy Rosby and Tim Jones

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