Maybe I should have started a 401K

I’m starting out August working 10 days in a row … which will pretty much take me to mid-August, come to think of it. When I was young—ahem, younger—that kind of schedule wouldn’t have phased me a bit.

But now I’m old … er. Still, it’s all part of my plan: to make overtime and get my bills paid down, so that when I qualify for full retirement, I can just sit back and go to work writing.

A “full retirement” in which I still need to make money may seem ironic, but what am I supposed to do? Spend all my time playing with power tools in a wood working shop? I have only so many fingers.


You know what retirement is really all about? Moving south.
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4 thoughts on “Maybe I should have started a 401K”

  1. The Yellow Pages said it best when they said “let your fingers do the walking.”

  2. Retirement will put you at your ease; thus you’ll be an easy Mark.

    How much wood would you wood work if you would work wood?

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