Unsolved Musical Mysteries – The 8-Track Version


While having brunch with Gandhi we pondered many things.  Why do unicorns poop rainbows, why is Full House back on television, why is i before e except after c and so on?  We also pondered what if The Four Tops didn’t love Sugar Pie Honey Bunch. What if Charlie Daniels’ devil never went down to Georgia?  What if Judy Collins didn’t see the world from both sides now?  What if Tiny Tim never tipped-toed through the Tulips? What if Bon Jovi wasn’t wanted dead or alive, (sorry Bill Y)?  What if James Brown didn’t feel so good?  What if Wilson Pickett actually waited till the midnight hour?  What if Willie Nelson never went on the road again?   But the burning question . . . What if PSY never whipped them Gangnam style?



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6 thoughts on “Unsolved Musical Mysteries – The 8-Track Version”

  1. If PSY never whipped them Gangnam style we’d never have the answer to which came first–the whip or the nae nae…

  2. Yes, Bill Y you knew at some point I had to mock, “The Jovi”, lol! 😉

  3. I was going to say there’s need to aplologize, Deb but we both know there is lol 🙂

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