Spicer’s 19th Nervous Breakdown

“What the . . . ?”

Reporter:  Sean, was President Trump aware that he was being deceitful regarding his meeting with the Russians Diplomats and divulging classified information?

Spicer: I believe he was telling the truth about his deceitful comments about classified information, then again he talks so much bull $**t every time he opens his mouth it’s hard to figure out his $**ty presidential agenda.  I mean come on, he’s bats**t crazy!  You know it, I know it.

Reporter: uh, what?

Spicer:  I, I, I, I  . . . to be honest don’t give a $**t, I don’t know, I’m tired, please make it stop.  My head is about to explode.  Does that answer your question!? You know something Mr. $**ty Mc$**tface reporter, I don’t care!

Reporter: —-

Reporter: Oooookay.  Sean, you seem confused and stressed. I have chewable sedatives. Would you like one?

Spicer:  YES! I mean no, not yes, I mean . . .  you better stop, look around, here it comes,
here comes it’s just my nineteenth nervous breakdown.

Reporter: Sean, you do realize you’re quoting an old Rolling Stones song.

Spicer:  REALLY! Well, pardon me while I kiss the sky.  This is what it sounds like when doves cry!

Reporter: If my memory serves me correctly that would be Jimi Hendrix and Prince.  You’re just reciting songs lyrics Sean.

Spicer: —-

Reporter: —-

Spicer: Hey, how about you try making up daily $**ty excuses for this guy! That’s it, no more questions. I’m done. Goodbye yellow brick road!

Reporter: Sean that’s Elton J . . . never mind.


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6 thoughts on “Spicer’s 19th Nervous Breakdown”

    1. With the new POTUS’s Repeal and Replace of the Affordable Health Care Bill Y, it no longer covers head/a$$ extractions. 😉

    1. Kathy, Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli can see this dude is one step away from a psychotic breakdown! Poor Spicy 🙁

    1. Lisa, it won’t be long before we find Sean Spicer hiding in a White House closet with his hands over his eyes, lol!

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