The Trump Presidential Library?

Designs are being submitted for the future trump library. Here are some of the more popular ideas::
1. A Porn movie set
2. A Chuck E. Cheese so he can play games, get prizes and knock down kids in the ball pit who he thinks made fun of him
3. A brothel
4. A FOX NEWS set
and finally
5. A Padded room

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3 thoughts on “The Trump Presidential Library?”

  1. There shouldn’t be any room for that dude anywhere.

  2. I hadn’t even THOUGHT that he would have a library. First of all, no one in New York will sell him the space,except I hear the 666 building is available. Second, he probably thinks is a lie-berry….you know a fruit drink that let’s you get away with saying most anything.

  3. —a square room built of 4 sections of border wall
    —a prison library
    —a room in the Kremlin

    I think Bob Mueller has already started assembling Trump’s presidential library, but Mueller’s calling it “the evidence room.” This will be the 1st presidential library to contain mostly SUBPOENAED materials.

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