Running is fun because?

  1. It gives you something to post on Facebook when you’re done!
  2. You can eat pizza and drink beer after you’re done!
  3. You look good naked!
  4. It’s cheaper than going to the gym!
  5. It’s cheaper than diet plans and diet pills.
  6. Setting big running goals keeps you from getting a big belly!
  7. Great way to stay regular (hopefully not while you are out running, otherwise you’ll be looking for a big bush to hide behind).
  8. Great way to find answers for those big problems.
  9. 80% of men and 60% of women felt more attractive due to regular running.
  10. Runners are happier (especially after they are finished).
  11. It’s a great excuse to buy and wear bright new clothes and shoes.
  12. You’re not “losing” weight, you have no intention of “finding” it again.
  13. You might even be able to fit into those jeans you wore in school again.
  14. One study reported that after 9 months runners had 30% more sex.

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