Fox News Hits Hillary Health Rumors

By: bobgo29

Fox News – especially Sean Hannity—has been on the warpath to prove that Hillary Clinton has some kind of neurological condition that would make her incapable of being president. Hannity has aired random clips of her losing her footing, tripping up steps and a repetitive video loop that makes her head seem as if it’s bobbing up and down. In true conspiracy theorist form, the talk show host says it’s proof of Clinton’s incapacitation and proof that the left is hiding her secret.  So, I thought it best for to do some more investigative work and find some medical doctors who can comment on what ails the presidential candidate. Of course, because of their medical licensing rules and the fact that they don’t want their names anywhere near FOX news and Sean Hannity, their identities will remain a secret. (For all you Trump people, this is where I will insert the following disclaimer since you couldn’t figure out that my last post about interviewing the baby thrown out of the rally was, in fact, NOT true.  THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE. THIS IS FICTION. I DID NOT INTERVIEW DOCTORS. THIS CAN BE CONSIDERED SATIRE. THIS IS NOT TRUE.)

HO: Doctors, what can you tell us about the presidential candidate’s health?

Doctor # 1: As I watch her walk and trip upstairs, it is my expert medical opinion that she might be a tad klutzy?

Doctor #2:  I’m not a doctor but I play one in all those malpractice lawsuit commercials on TV and Sean Hannity told me to say this: Democrats spend all day smoking weed and thinking about ways to destroy the US.  Did I do good Sean? Can I have my FOX News bumper sticker and my signed copy of Bill O’Reilly’s latest book now?

Doctor #3: I would surmise that she fell to the ground because she is floored by the news that Rudy Giuliani thinks no successful terror attacks occurred in the US before Obama. He forgot about 9/11. I guess that is so easy to do since he was only the freaking MAYOR OF NYC at the time of the “unsuccessful” attacks!

 Doctor #4: I can clearly see maniacal and psychopathic tendencies in the body language and inflection of words.

HO: Doctor#4, you see all this in these clips of Hillary Clinton?

Doctor # 4:  oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t read the whole questionnaire. I saw FOX News and assumed you were asking about the other guy. Never mind. When do I get my check?

For more Donna Cavanagh go here.  Donna is the author of  How to Write and Share Humor:Techniques to Tickle Funny Bones and Win Fans 

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26 thoughts on “Fox News Hits Hillary Health Rumors”

  1. great post. makes me really want to edit/doctor up sean hannity making various gestures, and analyze him for brain damage. not that i know the slightest thing about video editing.

  2. This post is hilarious Donna, and I think your need to post a disclaimer on a HUMOR SITE is even more hilarious!!! SMH and still laughing!:)

  3. First of all, I’m with Bill Y. Let’s keep that Hannity guy away from the rest of the planet.

    You know what? I like a candidate who is klutzy in front of people and doesn’t get embarrassed by it. It makes me feel that there is hope for the rest of us who are always bumping into things, dropping things and tripping. If we can go on with our lives (keeping an adequate supply of bandaids, ace bandages and rubbing alcohol around the house), so can Hillary!

    😀 😀 😀

    1. I do think the personal slinging has been more on his side. This is his style and has always been his style. That’s how he made his money. That being said, I want all the hatred to end soon. It’s an energy drainer and we can’t afford that. Thanks for reading!

  4. We have just had an 8 week election campaign in Australia, Donna and we all thought that was too long! You all in the US deserve a medal for the length of campaigns you have to endure.

    1. If a certain person wins this election Sue, I might have to make Australia my new home! LOL Don’t worry. I always visit with gifts. Do you like cake?

  5. I have totally lost my sense of humor about this election. We need to get Hillary into the White House and start trying to repair this country after all the hate and fear trump and the Repubivans have encouraged.

  6. Can you ever post enough disclaimers for people who can’t think for themselves and don’t understand that what they want to believe is true, BUT ISN’T? I’m still dumbfounded that Trump has any supporters at all.

  7. Thank God, you told me it’s satire. I was still trying to contact the baby for an updated interview for HuffPo. It’s okay though, cause we all just keep tripping UP….like the Hilz!

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