SPARKS BRIEF: Trump Deports Turkey


This week, President-Elect Trump demanded to participate in an annual White House Thanksgiving tradition. He had a live 48 pound turkey delivered to Trump Tower.

Mr. Giblet appeared to be dazed and confused after undergoing a thorough security screening, before being whisked to the 26th floor of the 5th Avenue fortress.

A small group of reporters from the New York Post and National Enquirer were in attendance as the first Thanksgiving turkey was officially deported.

“We will make America Eat Great Again by ridding this nation of all foreign fowl,” Trump stated.

When reporters advised Trump that Mr. Giblet was a domestic turkey and not an immigrant, Trump replied “All poultry bearing the name of a muslim country cannot remain within our borders.”

It’s reported, Steve Bannon, new White House strategist, advised Trump that Mr. Giblet had potential ties to the Islamic terrorist group – ISIS.

Spring Hill Farms in NJ is now under 24 hour surveillance. Donald Trump Jr. reported to his father he saw large groups of turkeys congregating in this area.

“If the birds remain in the US, I will sign an Executive Order renaming them Big Beautiful American Breasts,” Trump said.

Mr. Giblet was shackled and taken to McGuire Air Force Base where he boarded a C-17 Air Transport bound for Istanbul.

Daisy Giblet, distraught over the deportation of her spouse, threw herself into a turkey fryer.

In memoriam, Daisy will be enjoyed by the Huddleston family of Montclair, NJ with a side of candied yams and cranberry sauce.

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