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The Trump Cabinet Quiz

September 13, 2018

“Good morning, class. Today’s mid-term is on the Trump Cabinet.  Yes the Cabinet changes as often as the definition of the word ‘collusion’.  But reliable sources assure me that no Cabinet changes are contemplated for the next two hours while POTUS is rearranging his collection of Fox News bobble head dolls”

“Now phones off.  No Googling.  Let’s see what you’ve got.”

1.  Who is the Secretary of Agriculture?

A. Frank Perdue
B. Jim Perdue
C. Sonny Perdue
D. Sunny N. Philadelphia
E. Colonel Sanders
F. Sarah Huckabee Sanders  (no relation to the Colonel)….(that we know of)

2. Who is the Secretary of Health and Human Services?

A. Czar Alexander
B. Alexander Acosta
C. Alex Azar
D. Alex Trebek

3. Who is the Secretary of Commerce?

A. Wilbur Ross
B. Wilbur Wright
C. Wilbur Mills
D. Orville Wright
E. Wilbur Wilkie

4.  Who is the Secretary of the Interior?

A. Ryan Gosling
B. Ryan Coppere
C. Ryan Zinke
D. Paul Ryan
E. Ryan Seacrest

5.  Who is the Secretary of the Exterior

A. Rex Tillerson
B. T. Rex
C. Mr. T
D. Mike Pompeii
E. Mike Pompeo

6.  Who is the Director of the Ulterior?

A. Eddie Haskell
B. Gina Haspel
C. Boris Badanov
D. Moose and Squirrel

7.  Which of these is not the Secretary of Energy?  Circle all that apply.

A. Steve Perry
B. Katy Perry
C. James ‘Rick’ Perry
D. Perry Mason
E. Perry Como

8.  Who was Designated Survivor at the last State of the Union Address?  Circle all that apply.

A. Sonny Bono
B. Sonny Corleone
C. Sonny Perdue
D. Sonny Tufts
E. Kiefer Sutherland
F. C’mon, even Trump wouldn’t let someone named Sonny run the country
G. Yeah he would

9.  Which Cabinet Office has logged the most jail time?

A. Agriculture
B. Attorney General
C. Interior
D. Posterior
E. Commerce

10. Which is not a Trump Cabinet Department?  Circle all that apply.

A. Housing and Human Services
B. Health and Urban Development
C. Health and Human Development
D. Housing and Urban Services
E. Is this test graded on a curve?

“Answers?  You want the answers?!  I want a fat government grant to study differences in first class airline amenities worldwide.  But noooo…Steve Mnuchin at Treasury already awarded that to himself!”

“Ok, time’s up.  Lowest score owes me a 2000 word term paper on Ivanka’s Middle East Policy.  Good luck with that one.”







Rod Bartchy

Rod Bartchy followed the family tradition and accumulated two engineering degrees by his mid twenties before coming to his senses. After 20 years in hazardous waste disposal, Rod tried to manage other people’s money but found it equally toxic. He then survived 5 years with the IRS, but recovered most of his sanity in a Tibetan ashram. Rod has written two novels, Enigma and Dol Guldor, and one novella, Key West Story. All have been withheld from publication, two to spare the reader any permanent trauma, and Dol Guldor, after the nice lawyers from the Tolkien estate came for a little chat. Rod is now ready to reveal the shocking inside stories of America’s largest collection agency, at least until he’s audited. Rod's essays have been published in the Chestnut Hill Local and True Humor. Rod lives in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia with his daughter, her boyfriend, two turtles and cat. When not writing humor, he tutors kindergarten, suffers from inept golfer syndrome, and plays way too much Scrabble.

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3 Responses to The Trump Cabinet Quiz

  1. Rod Bartchy
    September 15, 2018 at 8:02 am

    But now I can’t get the name Sonny Perdue (Agriculture Secretary) out of my head, like a song that won’t go away.

  2. September 14, 2018 at 10:34 pm


  3. Linda Baldwin
    September 14, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Rod, your cabinet quiz is hilarious! Although I couldn’t answer most of them, I had a lot of good laughs. This was fun. May I pass it on to friends?

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