Danger Stalks This Blog

I’ve now blogged over 800 times in a row. I’ve never let anything stop me. Nothing. Not tummy aches. Not even inertia. But today a large herd of rather frustrated elephants stamped down my street. I barely outran them, Thank goodness, the pachyderms would pause to eat the peanuts I threw at them. I almost died! Oh my goodness! Exclamation points abound!!! If I had died, this blog would never been posted. The blogging streak would have ended. Being trampled to death, I wouldn’t have had the heart to start a new streak.

I know the cynics out there are saying, “Pish, you made this up, Paul. There are no stampeding elephants in Poway, your fair city, California.”

Well look at the photo  below.

Elephant stampede in Poway. Proof you cannot deny.

– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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