Paul’s Awesome English Dictionary: Today’s Word – Biobe

There are so many tiny things in the world! How are we expected to know what they’re called? And single-cell organisms, why they’re are billion types of them. We can’t possible know and remember their names. And why should we care? Because biology professors test our knowledge of them. Because the CDC puts out bulletins about how to avoid some deadly virus, bacteria, whatever, but we can’t remember what the CDC called what. Then newscasters terrify us with the latest terrifying microscopic thing. The newscasters won’t remember the name either, but they will have scared the bejeebus out of us, just the same.

We need a name to describe little thingamabobs. And now we have.



Awesome entry #38 


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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One thought on “Paul’s Awesome English Dictionary: Today’s Word – Biobe”

  1. “And then I see the injection of biobes where it knocks it out in a minute.” – Donald Trump talking about Coronavirus in 2020, maybe…

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