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T is for Torture and Treadmills

February 26, 2019
T is for treadmill

      I stepped out of the bathroom, all shiny and clean, a hint of make-up, my hair perfectly coiffed. I was all set for the big day. “You showered? You washed your hair?”…

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Princess Kate and I Share a Sheer Delight

October 11, 2018
Princess Kate and I share a sheer delight

        When the leaves start falling, a woman’s thoughts turn to … pantyhose? Well, for some of us. It’s true. I belong to a dying breed of never-go-bare-legged women. Rare among womankind…

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Possession Obsession and Post-Holiday Depression

January 1, 2018
Possession obsession

The holidays are over. The Christmas tree is down; the ornaments packed away. The menorah’s been cleaned of all that candle wax and is back in place inside the china closet. All that’s left is…

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Seven Tips To Get the Gifts YOU Want This Holiday Season

November 21, 2017
Seven Tips for Getting the Gifts You Want This Holiday Season

Black Friday is almost here. I’d better get started with my holiday gift list or I’ll be in big trouble. I’m not talking about my gift-giving list. I’m talking about my gift-getting list. All year long I…

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My Pain-Free, Nonsurgical Facelift

November 5, 2017
pain-free, nonsurgical facelift

Look better without surgery. It’s a snap!

Growing up in Las Vegas as I did, surrounded by exaggerated showgirl images of womanly perfection, a girl gets a harsh sense of her own physical imperfections.

Growing up anywhere in America, bombarded by plastic surgery-altered images of celebrities, a woman sees a clear path to physical perfection or at least improvement.

In my youth, I scoffed at the idea of plastic surgery, but now I’m older and not so sure. Like many a middle-aged woman, I stare in the mirror and catalog a growing litany of facial flaws – jowls, bags under the eyes, thinning lips. And so, I wonder if maybe, just maybe, I should rethink that long-held anti-plastic surgery stance.

Well, amazingly … and just in the nick of time … I just found a solution for my sagging features and equally sagging self-image – one that restores my former youthful glow and good-(ish) enough looks. And best of all, it didn’t involve a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office! Read more »

Karen Galatz

A former newspaper and television journalist, my national news credentials include the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and the Nightly Business Report. I created, produced, and anchored a ground-breaking business news broadcast for PBS stations in Nevada, an effort that led to an Edward R. Murrow award and an Emmy nomination. Now based in Berkeley, Ca., I am writing a collection of short stories and personal essays. I am the author of Muddling through Middle Age, a weekly humor blog, recently featured on the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop website.

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These Boots Are No Longer Meant For Walking

October 29, 2017
cowboy boots

I’m a city girl, as in The City, The Big Apple, New York City. He’s a western, small-town-kind-of-guy. I’m a Gucci-kind-of-girl. He’s always been a cowboy-boot-wearing-guy. And I don’t mean the fancy, handcrafted, custom-made, snake…

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