Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please tell grandmom I’m really, really sorry for putting super glue in grandpop’s denture adhesive. He still can’t talk too good, but grandmom gave me $50 thanking me for the best three days of peace and quiet she’s ever had in her life, Amen.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Kathy, my super glue remedy shall only be used for the pontificating blowhards of the world and of course a band with the initials BJ . . . 😉

  1. I hope you haven’t started a craze Deb. That’s a pretty cool tip to shut someone up and there’s a certain band I that would happily apply the adhesive too!

    1. Yes, craze indeed! I too believe by their aging music a certain band should be wearing denture by now and super glue would remedy your problem! 😉

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