My Day

My local library is smaller than this

Sometimes time gets away from me. I almost forgot to post!

Yesterday, I found out how difficult it was to find, buy, and take home a latch hook.

This morning, I discovered how hard it was to find where I put my latch hook.

I looked for hours for it, but to no avail.

I looked on line on Amazon, etc. and found nothing that could get to me in time.

While doing this, I dealt with a hacking or virus attack. This is why I wasn’t on the streets fighting crime.

Okay, I stopped a bank robbery, but that was only for a few minutes.

Hoorah! I found the latch hook. It was in the back of the car, in a flexible cooler with two ice packs.

Had lunch.

Went to a library arts-and-crafst get together. I learned to use my latch hook. I did! I did! I’m going to make a latch-hook rug of Charlie Brown.(tm)

I drove home in a horrible rain storm. Whew.

Made meatloaf for dinner.

Watched Seinfeld and two mysteries.

Checked to see if the Earth is still rotating in the right direction. It is.

Writing this blog and will go to sleep soon.

Good night.

– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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