Brainless Storming

OMG, I’m freakin’ brilliant!

Trump’s latest epiphany came this week during a brainstorming session on AF1:

Trump: I’ve thought about this bigly  Melania and I’m no longer calling terrorist MONSTERS.  It isn’t accurate.  These are bad hombres, no monsters, no monsters. They like being called monsters. So, from now on, I’ll refer to them as, hmm . . .”

Melania: Heinous Deplorables?

Trump: No, no . . . don’t like that word deplorables!

Melania: Detestable Zealots, Despicable Cretins, Heartless Fiends?

Trump: —??

Melania: [crickets]

Melania: My God I’m married to a loser, a freaking LOSER . . . loser!

Trump: What?

Melania: I said LOSER!

Trump: THAT’S IT . . . LOSERS!  Very, very, very big league losers, tremendous LOSERS! I’m brilliant!

Melania: [facepalm] and to think I left Slovenia for this . . . where the hell did I put that Starbucks job application?



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4 thoughts on “Brainless Storming”

    1. Kathy,Trump reminds me of the scene in Young Frankenstein when Igor hands him the brain in a jar labeled, “Abby Normal” lol! This POTUS is humor writer’s GOLD! 🙂

  1. Slovenia would welcome back with open arms. Well, it would for her, not him, obviously.

    1. Bill Y everyday it’s a nightmare with this guy. My conspiracy theory is Melania’s passport, cash and a note that read “HELP ME” was in the box she gave to Michelle Obama. 😉

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