Follow Your Leader?

Aliens: “Take us to your leader, NOW!”

American People: “Sure thing, follow us!”

[Huge crowds gather outside the White House. Trump greets them.]

Aliens: “Are you the leader of your country?”

Trump: “Yes, I’m the President, I can tell you that and believe me . . .  yes, I am!”

Aliens: “Come with us.” [They board their space craft.]

Trump: [looking down at cheering crowds] “Wow, there must be at least a million people down there, waving goodbye!  Huge crowds, much larger than Hillary’s and Obama’s crowd, I can tell you that, believe me . . . much bigger – bigly bigger!”

Aliens: “More like billions.”

Aliens: “I think we’ve made a galactic mistake!”

Two hours later: “BREAKING NEWS, President Trump was recently found wondering around Scranton, Pennsylvania with a note pinned to his shirt reading, “Keep Him!”


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One thought on “Follow Your Leader?”

  1. Let’s hope Elon Musk is reading this and get’s that loser on a ship on a one-way trip.

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