Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please excuse my lengthy string of profanity.  I’ll never ask my redneck boyfriend to multi-task again!  When I reminded him to stop by the %$#@&%# store and pick up some &^%#$@*^% milk and purchase a  %$#@^$# lamp shade for the front porch light, I don’t think I made … Continue reading

My Life In Porn Is Finally Over

You may remember a few posts back that I had a new job working for an adult entertainment company that provides content for Video On Demand. Personally, I’m not a big fan of porn from websites similar to and it wasn’t a job I wanted but when your bank account … Continue reading

Making Stupidity Go Away

Has anyone seen this commercial by Fidelity Insurance? Here it is on You Tube. In the ad, a man says, “I love you” to his wife, partner, significant other, whoever and proceeds to walk to work on a busy city street. Along the way, he sees ads or reminders of things that he is financially … Continue reading