Primary Colors

Approaching Indiana’s May primary, I found myself full of double negatives: That is to say, I flipped a coin to determine who I least wanted to vote against. Maybe that’s not technically a double negative, but many of the candidates are. While other states have their primaries earlier and … Continue reading

I’m Packin’ So You’re Wrong

An election year is truly a polarizing event. Actually, it's more like Halloween.  Because people you see every day, people you usually get along with, suddenly appear before you wearing the ghastly costume of reactionary conservatives (or uppity liberals, depending on which side of the … Continue reading

The Ex-presidential Wannabe

And from the Irrelevant News Desk: Ross Perot has declined to endorse any presidential  candidate since he cannot make up his mind who will be a worse president.  And after reading his non-committal and worthless statement, President Obama, Mitt Romney and pretty much the entire world said, … Continue reading

Is Miss USA Rigged?

At least two contestants from Miss USA are claiming that the pageant, the baby of Donald Trump, is rigged. Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Florida claim they saw a document which listed the five finalists. The problem with  this document is that it was written well before the top 15 semi-finalists were … Continue reading