Ask a Terrier: Semper Canis!

Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog Dear Budleigh, How cool is it that a new line of postage stamps will honor the military’s working canines? Have you seen them? They feature four breeds often used as military working dogs: German shepherd, Dutch shepherd, Labrador retriever, and … Continue reading

Dogs of a Feather

On a commercial flight, the benefit of sitting next to a peacock outweighs the drawbacks. During a midair emergency I plan to grab anything with wings that might provides extra lift. PILOT: “Passengers, assume brace position for crisis landing!” WOMAN WITH PEACOCK: “Oh, my baby! Comfort … Continue reading

Sittin’ Shiva, my diva

Sittin' shiva, that's what we read, Sittin' shiva, because he was dead. Rollin' out to the burbs for a service while the Rabbi tries to keep us from bein' nervous. Sittin' shiva, I did, sittin' shiva; I sat lookin' pretty, I did, my diva. The Jewish womens like to dress deir … Continue reading